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January 2014 started out as a normal day for most of us including himself. That is, until the “light” dusting suddenly turned to a major ice storm that crippled most of central Alabama. Kelly ventured out to see if he could be of some help to anyone out on Highway 31. Yet, it turned into one car and one hour after the other.

Having lived with diabetes for over 40 years, being out like this was not a good combination. He went into a severe state of hypoglycemia and fell off a cliff off of this highway and plummeted 40 feet landing on a boulder. This area, after all, is known as Boulder Canyon and Vestavia has “hills” in its name too, and for good reason.

He spent over 12 hours in single digit temperatures before a neighborhood rescue party located Kelly early the next morning. He fractured my thoracic vertebrae. He had it fused together with titanium rods and screws. His surgical team call his back the “Eiffel Tower.” Spent 23 days in UAB, several weeks in the Neuro ICU in critical condition before being moved to Spain Rehabilitation Hospital (Birmingham,AL) where he continued his recovery.

Honored as the 2014 Vestavia Community Member of the Year.

Portrait of Kelly placed on the Wall of Courage at Spain Rehabilitation Hospital, January 2015

Honored by Alabama House of Representatives (HR338) June 2015.

Please contact Kelly if you would like to invite him to share this message with your church, civic organization, school or your business. He has shared his testimony, his inspirational speech in over 100+ events.